Read the label

Deborah Tilley Uncategorized

Hi, I’m Debs and I’m confused by the world.  We live on this beautiful planet, full of beautiful human beings and from birth we are given labels.  Its starts the minute we’re born when we’re given a name, and continues all the way through our life.  The minute I was born I became Deborah, I was given a date of birth, an age, a place of birth… heck, I even had a tag on my foot. And this continues, all the way through school (suddenly we are ‘the shy one’, or ‘the confident one’, or the ‘one that’s good at maths’, or ‘the tearway’), into the workplace and all the way through life.  Not only do we do this but we label everyone else. It becomes impossible to see through the labels to the person below.  The real self.